Platinum Engineered Materials

We specialise in designing, manufacturing, and marketing platinum-based components with outstanding functionality. We serve the chemical industry in ammonia oxidation and the glass industry in making high-purity glasses.

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Our unique single-source portfolio

  • Equipment (such as stirrers, plungers, refining chambers, bushings) for high-purity and fibre-glass production
  • Knitted and woven mono- and multi-layer catalyst gauzes & catchment gauzes in ammonia oxidation processes (nitric acid & hydrogen cyanide production)
  • Complementary engineering services enabling exceptional product designs and functionalities
  • Underlying proprietary engineered PGM (Platinum Group Metals) materials and cutting-edge manufacturing technologies

Recurring elements

Pt Platinum
Rh Rhodium
Pd Palladium
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Contact information

Umicore AG & Co. KG Rodenbacher Chaussee 4 D-63457 Hanau-Wolfgang Germany Tel.: +49 6181 59 5287 Fax: +49 6181 59 5204 Email: